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Hangzhou Gracetang Scene Household Co., Ltd.

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"gracetang” View Furniture is the original design brand of Wisewindows It aims to express the China''''s top lifestyle and taste philosophy as well as it takes the revival of Chinese traditional courtyard living as the main mission and its profound historical heritage and cultural atmosphere ensure the brand of “Guang Tang”’s value gene. The authentic south relics can be reappeared in the “Guang Tang” product. Depending on the inheritance and innovation attitude, the “Guang Tang” Furniture achieves the perfect connection with the international fashion concept and it strives to exhibit the China‘s furniture culture and life attitudes to the world.
PanJie, “GraceTang” Scene home chief designer, China Photographer’s Association member, Well-known pioneer in photography.
Because of his love for life and appreciation for Chinese traditional culture, since 2008, Pan Jie started trying the design and production of outdoor furnitures. By his unique understanding about Chinese classical art and modern international trends as well as depending on the photographer’s unique visual acuity, he presents the brand new visual feast in the field of furniture design.

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